The Pros and Cons of Having Gas Stove in Your Kitchen

Stove is one of the most important appliances of a kitchen, which is used by most of the family members everyday. Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the right sized stove that is compatible to your kitchen though there are plenty of options available in the market. Gas stoves are quite popular among most of the homeowners as there are number of advantages that it offers. However, there are few disadvantages of gas stoves too, which you cannot afford to ignore.

Let us first of all look at the advantages of any gas stove which is called cuisinière au gaz in French language by many people in Canada.

  • Convenience and cleaning

There is no doubt that it is very convenient to use any gas stove. You can very easily and quickly start your gas stove. As soon as you turn on, you can fire the stove. Also, gas stove does not need too much cleaning as you may need if you use any pellet stove or wood stove. Cleaning of the burners can be done after few days and still it will remain in perfect condition.

  • Precision

As compared to electric stove, you can precisely adjust the flame of the gas with the help of its knob. Changing the temperature is also pretty easy and straightforward. In the electric oven you can change only for low, medium and high settings but not in between this range.

  • Operating cost

Gas stove runs with either natural gas or propane and there is no need of any electric supply to produce fire. The running cost of any gas stove is much cheaper as gas lasts quite long. On the other hand, operating cost of electric oven is pretty costlier.

  • Safety

If it is properly installed and regularly checked then it can be used very safely

Now let us talk about few negative side of gas stove. Though it is quite safe if properly installed and maintained however there can be serious problem if it is not properly maintained. Besides that, following few things cannot be ignored.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is formed in the gas flame which can be fatal if it is used in any confined place.

  • Other toxins

If it is improperly vented then it can produce few toxins like nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde.

  • Gas leak

There can be serious fire if gas gets leaked due to any reason.

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