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Monday, 27 Jul 2015

e-Supermarket Business

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Own an Online Supermarket Distribution Business

We are looking for entrepreneurs to take on the handling of orders from our e-supermarket coming from a local area.


Business includes:


  1. Receiving local area orders
  2. Sorting into individual orders
  3. Delivering if this is part of the arrangement or having orders ready for our selected delivery company


  1. At least 9 square metres of clean sorting undercover area
  2. Clean work benches and some shelving
  3. If handling perishable you would need a chiller and if handling frozen goods you may also need a freezer

Income Stream:

  1. Margin on sales or order turnover
  2. Delivery fees ranging from $9 to $25
  3. Referral fee for business opportunity Sales
  4. Mall affiliate income for other product sales

Local Area e-Supamarket Investment

  • 24 months License Fee - $7,000
  • You can lease plant and equipment or take advantage of our Freezer and Chiller Combo offer for less than $5,000
Contact Person: Eli 0447 014 989 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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