How to Shape Almond Nails

In event of you fixing your acrylic almond nails, you would need to gather few important things. These things would be requisite for making the most of your almond shape nails. The requirements would be inclusive of artificial nails kit in regular or oval shape nails, nail glue, filer and clipper, nail polish of your choice, base coat and topcoat. It would be pertinent to mention here that base coat and topcoat would be imperative for health and upkeep of your nails. You could learn about maintenance of your nails on

You would be required to make an almond shape of your nails by cutting the edges on both the sides of the nail while making it go pointed at the top. Cut the acrylic in the almond shape in order to fit the nail bed perfectly. Apply base coat to the artificial nail and let it dry. Apply two coats of your favourite nail polish and let it dry. The top coat would protect the nail polish. Apply nail glue on the nails to affix the artificial nails on them.

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