Classic Gold Earring Designs For Timeless Fashion!

Gold, diamonds and pearl have that classic appeal to your jewelry that is unbeatable. These are timeless and therefore are treasured the most.

When it comes to picking up earring gold designs it’s not just important to be trendy but also the impression it casts. Majority of women opt for a rather classic design so that it lasts a lifetime. Here are some of the brilliant classic earring designs to pick!


A gold earring with a solitaire in the center is the most precious thing ever. This can be in the form of a simple stud or in the form of a drop earring that has a diamond on it. Both of the designs are quite elegant and are the best daily wear options to try! No matter if you want to wear it to office or keep it simple for the regular days – these look beautiful even after years.

Gold studs

Studs have been women’s friend ever since gold earrings came into existence. These come in a range of designs from the most traditional ones to the ultra glamorous. You can choose from a simple round design to mango motifs, peacock designs, tulips, stars, roundrels etc. Some come with diamond embellishments while others are simple yet gorgeous.

Net baubles

The gold earrings are mostly popular because they depict art. One of the brilliant designs to adorn is the net baubles which come in large chunky designs and have netted patterns in gold. These net patterns differ in the designs they feature. You can select from roses, tulips, lanterns, leaves etc on the net gold designs of the earrings. They are great to pair with any sort of outfits.

String earrings

The hoop earring gets a new avatar with the string earrings. These have a long gold string to insert into the lobe and hangs on the behind. In the front it features a simplistic design. The simplicity of the design appeals as it is light on the ear too.

Gold hoop earrings

These are minimalist designs with hoops to hang on. The designs feature flowers, leaves, hearts, geometrical designs, circles etc. The gold hoop earrings are made of pure gold and definitely uplift the look of a person immediately. These can be paired with your daily outfits or even the traditional party wears for parties.

Gold earrings come in several formats to suit one’s needs. Choose from the best classic designs to adorn timeless fashion!

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