Bundaberg leads the way in solar power

I was so impressed to read recently that our post code, 4670, has the most solar power systems in the whole country! This must mean that most of our streets now have at least some solar power on the rooftops, and we will all know someone who has seen the benefits of this investment. Obviously […]

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Slash your electricity bills in 2015

With electricity costs likely to rise again in Queensland, now is the perfect time for Bundaberg residents to take a fresh look at their energy usage and find ways to cut costs in homes or businesses. Each building behaves differently, depending on many factors, so by combining energy saving technologies, you can save money and make your home or […]

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How Solar Power Works

At AllSafe Bundaberg we are regularly asked how solar power actually works, and also whether it’s still a money-saving option with the current level of government support in the form of rebates on the purchase price. As an introduction to the topic, here’s a short video by AllSafe owner Paul Brodrick: So how does it work? Solar […]

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Don’t leave home without it

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Facebook CEO urges kids to code

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey are among the tech celebrities in a new video to promote the teaching and learning of computer coding in schools. Titled “What most schools don’t teach”, the video released online on Tuesday begins with Zuckerberg, Gates and other tech icons recalling how they got their start in coding. […]

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