5 Amazing Toys For 2-Year Old Boys

By the age of two years, your little boy is no longer a baby, but a very enthusiastic explorer. Plus, he has various other developmental milestones to achieve before reaching the third year of age.

This is quite an interesting stage of a kid’s life and a 2-year old will need appropriate toys to help him go through the developmental years smoothly and joyfully.

If you are wondering which toys will be perfect for your little boy, here are a few ideas of toys that will make you aware of your baby’s development process and how you should choose toys accordingly.

1. Stackers

Stackers are excellent interactive toys that come in various shapes like blocks, cups, circles, and more. They can be stacked, tilted, toppled, wiggled and spun. Being colourful, children love them a lot.

Stackers are a physics based game that promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and enhances spatial/visual awareness in kids. On Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, you’ll get stackers in a great variety.

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2. Tricycles

A tricycle is another excellent toy for your 2-year old boy because he can enjoy travelling around with it without having to maintain a lot of balance.

Trikes have large pedals and wide wheels for maximum stability. Some trikes are to be pushed with feet.

Some trikes can even come with a support for back and even a sunshade to protect your son from the sun while he rides the trike outside.

A trike can be interesting for your son even until he attains the age of 6-7 years. He can enjoy riding it on various types of surfaces including tiles, carpet, wooden floor, concrete and grass.

Till he becomes interested in riding a bike, a trike can be a perfect vehicle for your son to go from point A to point B. And it’s not only a means of entertainment for him but also will strengthen his leg muscles when he’ll push the pedals or ground.

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3. Soccer and Hockey Balls and Goals

You can imagine your little hockey or soccer champion striking a winning goal in the World Cup when he’ll strike a goal in his tiny soccer goal.

Boys love to kick balls and send them to the goal. You can develop a love for soccer, hockey or basketball right from the age of 2 by giving him the sports equipment. You can buy outdoor toys for boys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop which are apt to develop this love.

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4. Drum Sets

Playing (& also listening to) music is believed to be good for brain development. You can give your little son a drum set with which he can get familiar with rhythms.

Some drum sets bring even more fun for children with LED lights that light with each beat which is an added attraction for kids.

And for that matter, you can give your child a variety of musical instruments including piano, guitar, xylophone, tambourine and more.

But never give him too many instruments at a time. Let him develop interest in one and then give him another.

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5. Pull Along Dogs

Kids love dogs, cats and birds. Man has a loving connection with animals since ages and it’s seen from the childhood. Your boy will therefore love to take a play dog on a walk.

The play puppy will have wheels and a play leash with which your son can pull him around the house and even outside.

To add more fun to the play, some pull-along animals have wagging ears and tails, and rounding eyeballs.

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Now that you are aware of which toys to give to your 2-year old son, your doubts might have been cleared. So, start shopping and bring these amazing toys home and watch your boy enjoying with them.

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